Where Does My Donation Go In Ireland

May 29, 2018

Where Does My Donation Go In Ireland

In 3 short months, this little social enterprise has proven that it can take on the world. To everyone that has chosen to get behind Moody and buy these leggings…A HUGE HEARTFELT THANK YOU, TO YOU!

I have been posting leggings all over the world since launching, however, what I did not expect, is that majority of sales are coming from the Emerald Isle!!!! **Bless you Ireland, for being full of bloody wonderful, kind, supportive and generous beings**

So, whilst it is much sooner than anticipated, as of today - Tuesday 29th May 2018 - 100% of the profits from all leggings sold in Ireland, will be donated to an incredible organisation based in Belfast, called GLOW.

GLOW is small charity with a big mission - to help women to address issues such as, low self-esteem & confidence, mental health, isolation and a lack of purpose. GLOW run programs and events for girls and women, one to one mentoring, personal development sessions and have dedicated days where those needing support can drop in to their support office.

Glow operates in Belfast but wants to bring its unique and much needed, women’s only programs to your community. Growth is dependent on funding, so I am super proud to be supporting Chara & her team, to bring their wellbeing programs to even more women throughout the country.

Aussie folks, Moody is supporting ‘The Royal Women’s Mental Health Clinic’ here in Melbourne and with every sale, this little biz is getting closer to making its first donation!

So, thank you from the bottom of my very full heart.

Lou x

Please check out www.glowni.com to see & hear more about the amazing work these ladies do!

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