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There’s 3 parts, soz! 
Moody is founded by me, Louise McCann. I hail from Ireland but for over ten years, I have made Melbourne my home. I have four brothers, one sister, 9 nieces and nephews, one rather remarkable and inspiring Father and also, one amazingly, supportive husband. In July this year, my husband and I welcomed our first baby, a delicious little boy called Peter...he is a dream come true. The inspiration behind Moody was and always will be, my Mum and there she is, looking friggin' cute in her Moody t-shirt. 
Part 1...Mummy & Moody
In January 2018, our beautiful Mummy died from Huntington’s Disease and unfortunately mental illness can be part and parcel of this dreadful diseaseGrowing up we knew there was something “wrong” with Mum. None of us could quite understand why she was so manic or angry at times and then the next day be completely “normal”. Then came the day, when we couldn’t quite cope with one episode and we arranged to have her admitted to a psychiatric hospital. It was terrifying for her and for us, yet we felt we had no other options.
Mum’s mental health was not something we discussed, reallyOn her good days, it seemed pointless to “bring down the mood” and on her bad days we panicked and waited for the storm to pass in the hope that she would return to normal againOver the years Mum tried lots of different medications to stabilise her moods, treat her depression, help with her anxiety or was it always post-natal depression…who knew?! If the truth be told, we had absolutely no idea how we were going to help Mum and I don’t think Mum knew how she would help herself either and so we accepted this as the norm - how much does that suck :(
Part 2 – Me & Activewear
The whole activewear idea came about in June 2016. I was on a quest for new leggings, for a camping trip, because everyone knows that camping means being active. You know, walking to the shop for food, to the bar for drinks (you get my drift) That’s a lot of active!
I had bought expensive leggings before but on this day, for some reason, I just could not get my head around how expensive leggings were. Then my mind went cray and in no particular order, I went through the following thought process;
1. At these prices there has to be a SIGNIFICANT mark-up / profit margin for these retailers.
2. Holy moly, imagine how amazing it would be if these brands donated their profits to people who needed it.
3. Activewear is something EVERYONE wears! Even when they are not being one bit active. It’s a wardrobe staple and we wear it ALL THE TIME. Grocery shopping, Saturday brunch, the school run. It's not just a trend, it’s a way of life, because it feels amazing to wear hold-me-together-suck-me-in leggings and a tee.
4. OK, not buying these leggings! Too expensive, not socially responsible and bloody hell, they will never see the inside of a gym anyway, I’ll just stick with the crappy ones I have until I find a brand that sells activewear that gives back!
And from there, after much wine fuelled discussion with friends, on said camping trip, the idea of creating an activewear brand that donated its profits to help women affected by mental illness was born…and almost 2 years on here we are.
Part 3 – This is your part of the story
 Goooo…buy the leggings! Wear them when you are doing whatever it is that makes you happy. You WILL look amazing in them and I hope you FEEL amazing in them and, because you choose these leggings you are making a difference to all those people out there who struggle every day with someone else’s or their mental illness, who simply don’t know who or how to talk about it…this is your story too.

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