Moody Activewear Founder's Mum 2018


There’s 3 parts, soz! 

Hi there! I'm Louise McCann, Founder of Moody Activewear. I originally come from gorgeous Ireland, but for over twelve years, I have made Melbourne my home. I have a HUGE family, consisting of four brothers, one sister, nine nieces and nephews, one rather remarkable and inspiring Father and also, my amazingly, supportive husband. To add to our already large family, my husband and I welcomed our first baby in July 2019, his name is Peter and he is a dream come true.

The inspiration behind Moody was and always will be, my Mum, and there she is, looking friggin' cute in her Moody t-shirt.

Part 1 - Mummy & Moody
In January 2018, our beautiful Mummy passed away from Huntington’s Disease. Unfortunately, mental illness can be part and parcel of this dreadful disease.
Growing up, we all knew that there was something “wrong” with Mum. None of us could quite understand why she was so manic or angry at times, then the next day be completely “normal”. Eventually the day came when we couldn’t quite cope with one of her episodes, so we arranged to have her admitted to a psychiatric hospital and honestly, it was terrifying for her and for us, yet we felt we run out of all our options.
Mum’s mental health was not something we generally discussedOn her good days, it seemed pointless to “bring down the mood” and on her not so good days we panicked and waited for the storm to pass in the hope that she would return back to her normal self again
Over the years Mum tried various medications to stabilise her moods, treat her depression, help with her anxiety, or was it always post-natal depression?! Mum was never properly diagnosed so we had absolutely no idea how we were going to help.
Part 2 – Me & Activewear
The activewear idea came about in June 2016. I was on a quest for new leggings, for a camping trip - as you know, camping means being active! You know... walking to the shop for food, to the bar for drinks (you get my drift). That’s a lot of active!
I was a big fan of some rather expensive activewear brands, but on this day, for some reason when I was searching online, I just couldn't bring myself to buy anything. I wanted to wait until I found a more socially responsible brand that gave back. 
Funnily enough, I couldn't find one, so when I was having a few wines and telling (read: b*tching to) my friends, on said camping trip, about my leggings search and that I couldn't find a brand that gave back, they said, "so create one" and what do you know, I did…and here we are today.
Part 3 – This is your part of the story

Goooo…buy some Moody Activewear! Wear it when you are doing whatever it is that makes you happy. You WILL look amazing and you will FEEL amazing! AND because you have chosen Moody, you are making a difference to all those people out there who struggle with their own mental health and simply don’t know who or how to talk about it.

Together, let's help end the stigma associated with mental health.x

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